The network data model used by FARAO toolbox is the PowSyBl IIDM format. To get detailed information about the network model, please refer to dedicated documentation on PowSyBl website.


CRAC (for “Contingency list, Remedial Actions and additional Constraints”) are objects dedicated to define security domain of the network object. They define contingencies to take into account in business process, constraint to monitor and remedial actions available to get rid of potential active constraints.

Please refer to the dedicated documentation page to get more information about FARAO CRAC data model.


GLSK (for “Generation and Load Shift Keys”) are objects dedicated to define scaling strategies to simulate injections modification on network model.


CNE (for “Critical Network Elements”) are objects dedicated to store security analysis and computation results from all business process. It defines actual state of monitored branches, activated remedial actions, and more generally the security state of the associated network object.

It is tightly connected to the CRAC model, as it is the result of the security assessment by a computation engine given CRAC security domain.

CNE objects are not yet available in FARAO toolbox. Please refer to FARAO roadmap for information about current implementation plan.