Here we are, FARAO code base has been open-sourced on GitHub this day. It’s been a long journey, but it is only the first step of a more exciting year to come…

Current FARAO code is just the base on which our future tools will be built. We want FARAO community to be part of these tools design and/or improvements. That is main reason why we decided to publish FARAO on an open platform such as GitHub.

Current code base is divided into two repositories:

  • farao-core which contains the core features of FARAO: CRAC model and import functions, remedial actions optimisation interface and prototype, …
  • farao-gse which contains the demonstration interface for FARAO features. It will be the base for future results demonstration.

FARAO community website has also been enriched with a documentation space , which is a good source of information about FARAO project. A high level roadmap has also been added.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact via GitHub issues.

See you soon on GitHub !

FARAO team