CASTOR is officially live on CORE regional capacity calculation external parallel run!

CASTOR is a remedial action optimiser developed by RTE, open source and a key tool for the ecological transition by maximizing the cross border exchanges over Europe through the optimisation of non-costly and not polluting remedial actions.

Because we are convinced that sharing our expertise and knowledge is the most efficient way for a successful energy transition and creation of a common European market. All can benefit from this collaborative project amongst different national expertise on system operation, without neglecting national specificities due to structural differences in network development between countries.

It is part of the open source project dedicated to remedial action optimisation, so called FARAO. It is based on Java library Powsybl and includes the open source loadflow module “Open Loadflow”. Thanks to its scalability, CASTOR can either be used by Regional Coordination Center for capacity calculation/security analysis and by TSOs for their compliancy with the European clean energy package (i.e. validation of 70% minimum remaining available margin).

Since July 2021, CASTOR is already performing the daily optimisation of topological remedial actions on the French electricity network in the process of local validation on Italy North Capacity Calculations. By maximizing the use of efficient remedial actions as preventive & curative topological actions, TSOs can limit the activation of costly and often polluting solutions as redispatching or countertrading.

Thanks to the team of RTE, RTE international & CORESO for reaching successfully this first milestone.